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Welcome to Vista Verde Lodge!

Monteverde, Santa Elena, Hotel Vista Verde Lodge first opened in 1991 after the owner opened the last 3 kilometres of road in order to gain easier access to the property.

Step by Step from a 2 room, bed and breakfast, the Hotel was growing to what in our days it is known.

An excellent location, friendly and supporting services have made Hotel Vista Verde Lodge a prime destination for nature lovers.

Today it has 10 spacious bed-rooms, all with private bath and hot water.

The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.


This unique Mountain Hotel is located 7 km north of the town of Santa Elena in front of the well known and one of the world’s most active volcanoes:Volcano Arenal. And surrounded by over 100 hectares (230 acres of prime forest), all property of the Hotel.
Don’t miss to walk the catwalks in the property, observe amazing wildlife, lush greens, orchids, birds, butterflies and the property’s own spectacular waterfalls.


Check the Ecoproject page to find out how we care about nature

Enjoy a relaxing drink at the Hotel's Bar.


Surrounded by virgin nature the Hotel is unique in its way, fitting perfectly in harmony with nature and surroundings.

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“Terrific visit”

ShomiS69, Los Ángeles, California

“Felt like something out of a dream!”

LeeBone, Columbus

“Absolutely awesome!!!”

yojo2000, Montreal, Canadá

“Secret Gem”

Erin J, Los Angeles, California, United States